How to Know your PAN ( NSDL/UTI )?

How to know your PAN when needed without having PAN Card with you? It’s very interesting question, and it’s as easy as checking you pan card status online. In fact, it’s the same process.

You ever marked your PAN Card number appearing while checking the status of your PAN Card? Yeah! You can know your PAN Card with the same process.

If you don’t know the process to check the status of your pan card, Just follow this article. In this Live example, I am gonna check my PAN (Permanent account number) issued through NSDL.

So, First of all, Open the NSDL Official Site. There you will see the form just as the image given below.

Know your PAN Form

Here is the information you should fill in the form:

  • Application Type: PAN – New / Change Request.
  • NAME: Enter your full name in this format (LASTNAME – FIRSTNAME – MIDDLENAME).
  • DOB: DD-MM-YYYY Format. You can select valued from Dropdown.

Now, As you don’t know your PAN, You can go with Name and DOB Verification. So, Click on the Radio button given before Name field. Here’s the image of Filled Form.


After Filling the form with Proper information about you, Click on the Submit button given in the bottom of the Form. And in few seconds you will be able to see your PAN. If it is already Delivered, It will show you that the PAN Card is already delivered.

And you will be able to know your PAN or Permanent Account Number. Here’s the Image of the results I got after submitting the form.

Know your PAN Results

By this way, you can know your PAN anytime you want. This tutorial was for NSDL Pan Card but yes, if you’ve applied through UTI, the process will be same. Here’s the link to Official Page of UTI Pan Card Status page.

In the case of UTI, You have to Enter the Application Coupon Number and if it will match, You will get information about your PAN.

You can verify your PAN by comparing the online PAN and the one you’ve got on your PAN Card. You can also Know your Jurisdiction by following our straight forward guide!

The Process to Know your PAN is same in the case of NSDL and UTI. You can also Follow our PAN Verification Guide to Verify your PAN Card too! It’s very much important to verify your PAN card once you get it!


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  1. Tupsaodar Krishnarao Rangnath

    My daughter is in need of PAN copy printed because she has forgotten to carry the card with her.The image of PAN card is to be printed how you can help
    Her PAN AIKPT0981B

    1. Actually, you can mail her the copy of PAN So that she can just get a print or tell her to follow the above-given tutorial to get the PAN information. That’s the solution!

  2. Hi I’m missing my pan card I know my pan card number is GTIPS4949R I need pan card copy of image printed plz help me how can take print its too urgent to submit my office can you help please

    1. Actually, you have to apply for New PAN Card first. Then you can print it out …

  3. Before months ago I have apply for PAN card, but till today I did not get the PAN card

    1. Actually first check the status of your PAN card. If it shows delivered or anything like that, Go to the Courier service. I got my pan card in same way …

  4. shamsudheen mannadathu paramba

    Applied for pancard with coupon number 608996485
    Shamsudheen mannadathu parambu on 11-11-2016
    But no details found in tracking module
    What is the status

    1. ** NO RECORD FOUND **.
      Maybe your application is not yet submitted or is not in process. When did you apply for PAN Card?

  5. Sir any wrong enter name like first name I wrongly enter in know your pan portal after submit it is automatically update in my pan details it possible

    1. No you have to fill Pan Card correction form and re-apply to get PAN card with updated information…

  6. I explaine full details,know your pan in efilling IT Website, my name in last name, I wrongly enter my father name in first name after submitting, the next page pan detail my pan number, first name wrongly my father name, middle emty, last name my name, it is pdf file, or it is automatically update the wrong information after submitting, or already IT data details it is based on my application form, place reply sir I am waiting for ur valuable answer sir

    1. I think it will be better to Re-apply for correction as you mistakenly entered wrong information there. BTW the information in your Physical PAN Card is correct or not?

  7. My pan card is correct Sir, but pan details is wrong, pan details are based my application form or it is pdf file or the details are automatically stored in name entry know your pan portal sir

  8. My name
    My father name

  9. My jurisdiction details also reflect the same details sir, first name father, last name mine,

  10. My pan update in bank sir

  11. In pan card my initial my name

  12. I have applied for my Pan card on 30th Nov. till date the pan card is not yet generated. I am checking the status ona daily basis but no record found. Please suggest/.

    1. It looks like your application is not yet submitted! You’ve applied for pan card online or offline?

  13. Sir,
    if my pan card requires date of birth correction only and if i apply for it,
    am I issued with a New PAN Card with a NEW PAN NUMBER again? OR a New PAN CARD with the same old PAN number. please clarify.

    1. PAN Number will be the same. Only your Date of Birth will be changed…

  14. Hello team

    Could you please confirm my pan application status N001091157.

    1. You’ve applied through NSDL or UTI? We tried to check your pan application status in both, but it shows “No record found!”. Maybe your Application Coupon Number or Acknowledgement Number is wrong.

      Let us know if you want more help…

  15. I have applied for pan card last month 07-12-2016, and no. is 609340300, and my name is vivek kaundal, and dob is 19-05-1993, but no status is update. Please tell me what my status is…

    1. What is your Middle name? We will be able to check Status with full name only…

    2. my full name is vivek kaundal

    PAN [ HIDPS7896N ] CARD DISPATCHED THROUGH REGISTERED POST VIDE CONSIGNMENT NO RM803738653IN ON 16/01/2017. But consignment no is wrong could you please confirm correct consignment no?

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